Tips for Safe Sunbathing on the Beach that You Need to Know

Many people are competing to darken skin color to make it look exotic. As a result, not a few people take advantage of the holiday season to go to the beach and bask in the sun. Well, if you are considering skin tanning for the sake of skin beauty, of course you should not do it carelessly.

Instead of getting an exotic skin color, wrong preparation has the potential to damage the skin, burn and even trigger diseases such as skin cancer. So, in order to avoid these conditions, you should follow some safe sunbathing tips on the beach.

Here are some tips for safe sunbathing on the beach that you need to know:
1. Choose the Right Clothes
Choosing the right clothes is a basic thing that you have to do right. Well, the best choice of clothing when sunbathing on the beach is to wear thin types of clothing. Because, if you use clothes that are too thick, sweat and feeling hot during sunbathing can’t be avoided.

Sweat that does not stop flowing can interfere with the process of contacting the sun with the skin. In addition, wearing light clothing, can make it easier for sunlight to reach the skin.

2. Choose the Right Time for Sunbathing
The sun’s rays are good for the skin usually at 09.00 until before 12.00. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, starting at 16.00 until sunset. That is, it is the best time to sunbathe. Because apart from that time, the sun emits ultraviolet light which is a carcinogen, which triggers skin cancer.

In addition, the assumption that the longer you are in the sun, the darker your skin will be is wrong. Too long in the sun can actually increase the risk of skin cancer. Set how long you need to stay out in the sun and don’t push yourself. Also make sure you change positions several times during sunbathing, so that the tanning process occurs evenly.

3. Use Sunscreen when Sunbathing
Sunbathing doesn’t mean you don’t need to use protection like sunblock or sunscreen. Precisely applying sunblock to the body is an important thing that needs to be done before sunbathing. The goal is to avoid the skin exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition, applying sunblock also functions so that the skin that is touched by the sun has an even color. Therefore, make sure to always apply a sunscreen with a broad spectrum UV protection of at least 30 SPF.

4. Wear Sunglasses and a Hat
In addition to using sunscreen, you also need to wear sunglasses and a hat while sunbathing. The purpose of using sunglasses is to protect the eyes from glare that can interfere with sunbathing activities. Meanwhile, the hat serves to protect the head from the sun. Therefore, a head that is too hot due to sunburn can increase the risk of inflammation of the lining of the brain.

5. Meet the needs of vitamin E
Before sunbathing, try to meet the needs of vitamin E for the body. Because, the antioxidant content in vitamin E can help reduce the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. Interestingly, vitamin E is also useful for preventing premature aging, making the skin feel smooth, and reducing the risk of skin cancer. To be more leverage, you can also combine vitamin E with vitamin C. However, make sure the dose is not excessive.

6. Pay Attention to the Surroundings
Even though you have to enjoy vacations and sunbathing activities on the beach, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the environment around you. That is, when sunbathing make sure you pay attention to your surroundings so there are no animals, such as hermit crabs or sand fleas.

Choose a place that is most comfortable and free from animal disturbance. However, if there is no place that is really clean, it means you have to be careful while sunbathing.

7. Consumption of Foods High in Lycopene
Eating foods that are high in lycopene content is also included as something you should do before sunbathing. Because, a small study in 2011 ago, showed that lycopene helps protect the skin naturally from exposure to UV rays. Therefore, try to eat foods high in lycopene before sunbathing. Examples include tomatoes, guavas, and watermelons.

Those are some tips for safe sunbathing on the beach that you need to know. Starting from choosing the right clothes when sunbathing, to eating foods high in lycopene before sunbathing. Make sure to record all the items that need to be brought so that sunbathing activities run smoothly. Also make sure your fitness and immune condition are well maintained before and after a vacation to the beach.