Japanese Beauty Secrets That Make You Look Younger

Japanese people’s skin that looks healthy, clean and youthful is the concern of many people around the world. Many are interested in knowing this Japanese beauty secret. It’s no wonder that many beauty products use the “Japan” name to attract buyers to be interested in their products.

Well, Savvy Tokyo on one of its pages explains that the secret of Japanese beauty does not only come from beauty products, but the following things.

1. Maintain a Traditional Balanced Diet
Often we forget that what we eat in our body is seen in our outward appearance. So, when we eat healthy food, the body looks fresher and brighter. That’s why the Japanese are very concerned about food intake. Traditional Japanese food is made on the principle of ichijyu sansai, which is one soup with three vegetable dishes plus rice and fish.

This principle prioritizes the balance of food. Judging from the … Read the rest