Benefits of Black Tea for Skin: Can Prevent Infections

Black tea is also commonly referred to as red tea in various East Asian languages. This type of tea is generally stronger in taste than other teas. Black tea is more oxidized than oolong, yellow, white and green teas.

Besides being beneficial for health, black tea also has many uses for the skin. This tea can fight skin infections, delay skin aging, and reduce eye bags.

Here are the benefits of black tea for the skin:

1. Prevents Skin Infections
Skin is the largest organ in the body. Skin conditions that require proper care. Most skin infections occur due to microbial colonization.

Tea catechins and flavonoids can help prevent skin infections. If you have frequent skin infections, drinking black tea can speed up the healing process.

2. Reduces Swelling
Swelling under the eyes is a serious problem for both women and men. This condition can make your eyes look tired … Read the rest

Summer Beauty Hacks

Summer! it’s hottest time of the year, several issues like once you begin to urge tanned and sun burned in summer, losing hair because of summer heat etc are common. This tiny article can covers some common ingredients sensible for sun burns and that additionally minimizes the result of the warmth in summer. Beat that summer heat with these summer necessities straight out of your room ladies!

1. Chamomile Tea
herb Tea is medicament and antioxidant-rich in nature which helps to enhance healing, reduces the blemishes & wrinkles on the face. Drinking the herb Tea facilitates purifying the skin.

2. Burn plant
burn plant is wealthy in medicament properties, that help to scale back the sun burn from actinic ray rays and have a soothing result on the skin. you’ll use aloevera ice cubes which offer soothing effect on the skin.

3. Coconut oil
copra oil is employed on hair … Read the rest