How to use the correct facial serum

How to use a facial serum must be done correctly and appropriately in order to provide maximum results on the skin. Here’s how to use the correct facial serum as a guide.

1.Wash your face with soap and water until clean.
2. Dry your face.
3. The next step is to use serum.
4. Make sure your palms are clean and sterile so they don’t invite bacteria that cause skin damage and so on.
5. Take a small amount of serum and place it on your palm.
6. After that, apply on the entire face evenly.
7. Rub the serum slowly on the face while slightly massaged so that it is maximally absorbed into the skin pores.
8. The massage movement can be in the form of gently rotating the tips of the index and middle fingers.
9. When finished, gently pat the facial skin that has been given the … Read the rest

Benefits of Face Serum, Effective in Overcoming Skin Problems

The benefits of facial serum are not only for maintaining facial health so it doesn’t look dull. There are many other benefits that can be obtained. Even today facial serum has become one of the beauty secrets used to treat the faces of many people, both women and men.

Having a high antioxidant and peptide content, the benefits of facial serum can also be maximized because of the liquid nature of this skincare. Facial serum can penetrate into the skin perfectly so that it can thoroughly reach all layers of the skin.

The benefits of facial serum are known to be superior to other care products. However, you must pay attention to how to use it. Even though it has many advantages, the risk of irritation due to improper use of facial serum still exists. Especially if your skin is sensitive to the active ingredients contained in the serum.

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How to get rid of scars on the face naturally, safely and without side effects – Part 1

Scars on the face can interfere with appearance and reduce a person’s self-confidence. To overcome this, there are various ways to remove scars on the face naturally that you can try to do.

Scars on the face can be caused by many things, such as acne, chicken pox, inflammation, burns, accidents, injuries, or postoperative effects. Scars are generally scar tissue that forms as part of the body’s natural process of repairing damaged skin and closing open areas.

Although scars will usually fade on their own over time, you can do various ways to make the scars on your face fade or disappear quickly. The choice of how to remove scars on the face can be adjusted to your needs and how big the size of the scars you have.

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a plant that has many benefits for skin health. Besides being able to overcome dry … Read the rest