How to Treat Panda Eyes

Panda eyes or dark circles around the eyes are disturbing appearance. For most people, especially women, having panda eyes can lower self-confidence.

Panda eyes appear due to several factors, one of which is lifestyle. This complaint can arise due to lack of sleep to stare at the screen too often.

Here are some ways you can do to deal with panda eyes:
1. Get enough sleep
A 2017 study published in the Royal Society Open Science examined the effects of sleep deprivation on appearance.

The study found that people who slept four hours had more visible dark circles under the eyes when compared to those who slept for eight hours.

“Lack of sleep can contribute to darker blood vessels as well as fluid buildup under the eyes that produces dark shadows,” says Karly O’Keefe, beautician and owner of facial treatment center, SkincraftLA in Los Angeles.

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