Japanese Beauty Secrets That Make You Look Younger

Japanese people’s skin that looks healthy, clean and youthful is the concern of many people around the world. Many are interested in knowing this Japanese beauty secret. It’s no wonder that many beauty products use the “Japan” name to attract buyers to be interested in their products.

Well, Savvy Tokyo on one of its pages explains that the secret of Japanese beauty does not only come from beauty products, but the following things.

1. Maintain a Traditional Balanced Diet
Often we forget that what we eat in our body is seen in our outward appearance. So, when we eat healthy food, the body looks fresher and brighter. That’s why the Japanese are very concerned about food intake. Traditional Japanese food is made on the principle of ichijyu sansai, which is one soup with three vegetable dishes plus rice and fish.

This principle prioritizes the balance of food. Judging from the type of food, Japanese food contains lots of vitamins, omega 3 and fatty acids that help reduce the production of toxins in the body that cause premature aging.

In addition, in Japanese food there is usually seaweed. This one food is rich in keratin and iodine which is good for healthy skin, nails and hair. No less important is that the Japanese eat in small containers so that people will not overeat.

2. Use Green Tea For Various Purposes
Green tea has an important role in the Japanese lifestyle. Japanese women usually include green tea in their skincare routine, such as in lotions, tonics, bath salts, and body compresses to hair masks. Powdered green tea leaves are one that is often used.

Powdered form of green tea leaves, matcha, which contains high polyphenol catechins has many benefits that are good for the body and health. This green tea powder protects skin from damage caused by UV rays, regenerates dead skin cells and reduces inflammation and balances skin tone.

3. Take a bath every day, often go to the onsen
In Japan, bathing is not just an activity to clean the body, but a beauty ritual. One of the most common places to go to perform this important ‘ritual’ is to go to a public onsen or hot spring. There are onsen and sento in the corners of Japan, which are open to everyone. This public bath offers a pleasant bathing experience and socializing with the community so that intimacy is established.

Taking a hot shower and bath before bed not only helps the body relax, but also improves blood circulation so that the body will not feel stiff and sore. In addition, hot steam helps detoxify toxins in the body. Taking a hot shower before bed also speeds up the body’s natural melatonin production, which helps you sleep better.

4. Using Tsubaki Oil
Tsubaki or camellia oil for the Japanese has a very valuable value. It has benefits for maintaining healthy skin, hair and body as a whole. Flower oil is high in omega 9 fatty acids, essential proteins and glycerides that make hair shiny, thick and smooth.

In addition, consuming camellia oil can boost immunity, lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels.

Japanese people usually add camellia oil to fry foods, such as tempura, stir-fry, mixed salads, etc. Well, when applied to the skin, camellia oil helps relieve inflammation when the skin is acne-prone and keeps the skin moisturized.

5. Miena Oshare Trust
Every country in the world believes that true beauty comes from within. In Japan, the belief is known as Mienai Oshare which means invisible beauty. This expression explains that beauty is not only what appears outwardly, but also what radiates from a person.

This is reflected in the calm, confidence, and warm energy that radiates. No less important is a sincere smile and a bright, radiant face.

Well, those are some Japanese beauty secrets that make their appearance more attractive. Interested in practicing it?