Top 3 Ways to Come Up With Topics For Blog Posts

The more you blog, the more difficult you might find it to come up with new topics to write about. You may start to feel burned out – like there is nothing more you could possibly say about this niche topic. Thankfully, that is never true! Here are the three top ways you can always come up with fresh topics to blog about.

1. Turn to first. It has an optimized real-time search engine built into its regular search engine. Search for your keyword niche ideas, and then click the “show options” link at the top. Then, you can sort the results by those that have happened with them last instant, 24 hours, week, and so on. Take note of the things people are talking about when the results appear. You can even sort by blogs, news outlets, and others. Take note of the latest news that has sparked some interest and debate. If you are interested in an article, blog post, news release, etc., read it and try to generate ideas for your own blog post.

2. Another way you can come up with topics is to head on over to and search for books in your niche. One of the great things about books on Amazon is that they often have a “search inside” feature. Look for the table of contents after you’ve selected to search inside. Publishers have spent a lot of money to research exactly what the table of content should include! These topics are what are of interest to those in your niche. Doing this can definitely spark some ideas for topics you might want to blog about, or even help you think of profitable niches for your blog.

3. Finally, niche forums are amazing for idea generation. is a great place for ideas and content, as well as, networking opportunities. Look for forums within your niche and sort them by the most viewed or the most replied to posts. Take notes on what people are talking about – think about why they get heated up, and why they are discussing this particular topic. Then, you can address some of these concerns on your own blog. In fact, this is an excellent way to generate some ideas for developing a niche marketing strategy using affiliates.

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