Making Life Easier Through Working Memory Training

Memory can be a complex thing to think about, but it does affect a great deal of our lives. Working memory describes a part of your short term memory that you can work with at any given time. You expand your performance through working memory training.

Memory is like anything else, the more you practice at it the better you will be. Having expanded access to the information stored in your short term memory can be a great asset to anyone, and you can add this skill to your personal tool box with practice.

Imagine you are giving a presentation to a group of 15 people. After introductions, you get up to present and everything is going perfect. Perfect that is until the question and answer portion. You do your best to connect with the group by repeating individual names in your 英文串字方法 answers. The problem is, you mix those names up! Oops!

Well this type of recall is a function of your short term memory. It was smart of you to repeat the names in the answers; this is a powerful rapport building technique. It was less than smart because you only heard the names once and had no training before hand to help you keep all of the names straight.

Expanded access to your short term memory is possible, as is improving the overall quality of your memory in general. Like I said before, it just takes practice. Working memory training is a huge subject with enormous benefits to anyone willing to make it happen.

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