The Amazing Qualities of 100% Silk

Silk definitely is a wonderful fabric to wear and when we dress up in a dress or a blouse that has been made from 100% silk, you will have an amazing experience. It has the great benefit of bringing out the most beautiful qualities in the person wearing it.

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Silk is made from the fibers found in the cocoon of the silkworm luxury silk bedding . The larvae feeds on mulberry leaves and is eating and growing for 5 weeks. By then the caterpillar has gained 10000 times the weight it had when it first got out of the egg. This is when the silk-moth starts to spin its cocoon and after only 2-3 days, it has produced about a mile of thread and it is ready to be used.

Silk is so popular for people around the world for all its amazing qualities. Often do we have our wedding dresses made out of 100% silk fabric. This is due to the fact that this is the time we want to treat ourselves with the best. This fabric is for those moments when we want to feel special and extra luxurious. It is possible though that once we have got to know this wonderful material, we are often wanting to stick to it.

This material feels so good next to the skin and this is probably why there are quite a lot of underwear and night-wear that are made out of 100% silk. A lot of people also chose to have their bed sheets made out of this soft and smooth fabric – it feels so smooth and soft to the skin and at the same time gives that cooling feeling. This is something is different from synthetic fabric that are trying to copy the real thing. If you choose to use synthetic fabrics for your bed sheets, you will most likely wake up feeling sticky and sweaty. This is not the case if your sheets are made from 100% silk.

It not only feels great on your skin, it also has a special shimmer to it which makes it one of the most beautiful fabrics you can wear. It has also the quality of falling in a way that perfectly follows your every move. The way it falls also makes it a beautiful fabric for curtains and drapes.

Silk is loved by those that enjoys the better things in life, those that like to feel beautiful, glamorous and special. To wear silk is always right since it has the ability to reflect the most beautiful qualities in the one wearing it.

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