As Born Again Christians, Do We Need Theology and Theologians Or Bible Intellectuals? – Part 2

OK, on to where I left off in part one where I quoted 1 John 2:27. Now this verse is one of those stand alone verses, together with it standing in the context of the rest of that chapter as well. I will quote it again for your convenience:

1 John 2:27 But The Anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same Anointing teacheth you of all things, and is Truth, and is no lie, and even as IT hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him. (Emphasis mine) how to write a cause and effect essay

There it is in black and white “and ye need not that any man teach you” and there is nothing ambiguous about this verse – it means exactly what it says and cannot be explained away. Having said that, I will clear up one issue here, if only to silence possible detractors, and that issue is the issue of:

Where do learners (disciples) or new converts stand in the light of this verse? These vulnerable Spiritual babes and/or children of God do need teaching by men, but only by men with the Spiritual gift of teaching (not pastors or elders without that gift). Teaching is a Spiritual gift of the Holy Spirit and just because a man happens to be an elder or a pastor doesn’t mean that he automatically has the gift of teaching and this, dear people, is one of the major problems within mainstream Christianity.

These men are appointed as leaders when all the while God’s Church doesn’t need leaders, and then they get into their pulpits and start spouting all their seminary theological garbage to their wretched flocks. In the world of commerce they are called square pegs in round holes i.e. when they are the wrong man for the job. The difference being that in the world of commerce they soon get found out and get the order of the boot, but in mainstream Christian Churches these graceless spiritual abusers can be there for life and very often are.

Many of them attend Seminaries and/or Bible colleges where they are trained to become religious, not Messengers of The Truth. When qualified they take up positions as ‘ministers’ or ‘pastors’ in denominational churches. They become ‘ministers’ in Baptist churches, in Methodism, Anglicanism or Episcopalianism. Roman Catholics teach their own religious blasphemies which are even worse than the Protestants. These are often common destinations for these so called Bible experts. There are also many of these theologians or Bible intellectuals in the other denominations too. In the Anglican (AngliCAIN) organisation there are actually theologians or ‘ministers’ who do not believe in God at all!! Can you believe that!? You had better ‘cos it’s true, I’ve listened to them and read about them.

Considerable numbers of them become wishy-washy liberals, known Biblically as Laodiceans. Worldly liberalism contaminates their thinking because The Word of God is too ‘hard hitting’ for them – too ‘tough’, and this, in turn, is because they don’t know the Father God personally and therefore don’t understand His all encompassing plan for mankind – the total redemption of all mankind (not all hu-man kind) – His love for His creation. Most, if not all of them, believe in a wrathful God who is going to punish 99% of mankind in a fiery pit of torment – burning hell. Now because they believe this lie to be true they then liberalise and water down God’s Word to make it bearable and tolerable and in doing so try to placate their fear. This is an even more wretched condition than those of the Bible bashing, fundamental, hell fire variety.

Right, next questions: What is the purpose of theologians, and how do they help True Believers? Their purpose, if that’s what you can call it, is to pontificate endlessly on matters Biblical without the Spiritual ability to do so. Even with all their ‘qualifications’ they are not qualified to preach God’s Word. As I said in my first article, theologians can trace their origins back to first century Greece and Alexandria in Egypt, intellectual societies based upon philosophy and philosophers, and all generations of The Church have had to contend with them. They are like a thorn in the flesh to True Believers, which brings us to the second question: How do they help True Believers? On first impressions one would think they are of no help at all, which is true, but there is a twist to this, and because they are not of The Truth they challenge us with the things that they say and we in turn have to check it out in Scripture to see if it is so – like the Bereans. It seldom, if ever, is, but there you are, it keeps us on our Spiritual toes and makes us always ready to give an answer to their theological nonsense.

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