How To Be Well-Dressed

Anyone can put on clothes (well, let’s hope so), but that doesn’t automatically make them well-dressed. Dressing well is the perfect combination of skill, artistry and knowledge, but it can be hard to achieve that elusive title. If you want to improve your clothing game, read on lace dress

Step 1 – Know YOUR Body
One of the easiest clothing gaffs to spot is a person who is wearing an incorrect size or a garment that looks uncomfortable. You never want your clothing to be distracting to others. Clothing should enhance your body and personality, but in order to do so, you need to find the proper fit. NEVER buy wrong-size items just because they are on sale or you “cannot live without them”. If it’s not your size, pass it by. Be honest with yourself about what your actual size is. Don’t purchase too-small garments to motivate weight loss and then wear them out in the world. You can be beautiful at any size, but only if your clothing shows off your assets. Too tight or too loose can make you feel worse about yourself. Proper fit can boost self esteem.

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Step 2 – Dress For The Occasion
While you may look HOT in that black sequin mini dress, that doesn’t mean you should wear it to the board meeting. Part of dressing well is knowing when to wear different garments. “Risks” should be appropriate risks. A bright blouse paired with your suit might actually help you get noticed and secure a raise, leather pants in the office will make you seem untrustworthy. Think about people who’s style you admire; take note of what they wear in different circumstances. Research terms such as “business casual”, “formal”, “black tie’ to know what they actually mean. The next time a dress code is implied at an event you attend, you will feel much more confident picking out your outfit. Keep in mind that overdressed is almost always better than underdressed. The airplane passenger wearing a button-up blouse is much more likely to get upgraded than the passenger in sweatpants.

Step 3 – Do Your Homework
A little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to fashion. Experiment in front of the mirror to see what shapes compliment one another, which colors clash and which look great. Go to the store and try on multiple fits of pants and see which one suits you best (it’ll save a lot of time in the long run to try them all on once and move forward with that info.) For online shopping it can be invaluable to know what different fabrications feel like. Rayon and Cotton are going to feel (and fit) very differently. Don’t get stuck with an unflattering item because you don’t know what “boatneck” or “box pleat” means.

Step 4 – Express Yourself
The best dressed individuals are the ones that know the “rules” of fashion and are smart about breaking them. Fashion is about creativity. There are circumstances in which you have a dress code, and must follow it. But “Business Casual” is no where near a dress code. We often have a lot of leeway at work, school, and during recreation to express ourselves. Pattern mixing, bright colors, unique shapes and daring combinations are all fair game if your clothing fits your body and the level of formality of the activity you plan to attend. Buy things that excite you. Pair them in a way that makes you happy.

Step 5 – Avoid Costume
This goes hand-in-hand with expressing yourself in the sense that you cannot successfully dress as someone else. Wearing a style that already exists (unless it’s off of a mannequin at your favorite shop) is going to look like a costume, and that is the kiss of death. Try incorporating elements of vintage style or styles from around the world. Pair a vintage inspired dress with modern make-up and hair to avoid looking like a caricature. A well-dressed individual is fashion-forward and that means being able to blend styles from the past seamlessly into a modern wardrobe. Additionally, when it comes to fashion from around the world, pair it with something from your own culture. A dress inspired by a saree can be gorgeous and unique for anyone to wear. Wearing a full saree can be perceived as disrespectful and racist. Honor another culture by taking their innovation as inspiration for your own style.

Step 6 – Layer
An industry secret for making an outfit complete is layering. A blouse and skirt alone are just a blouse and skirt, no matter how cute they may be together. By default you have to at least add shoes to the equation. Make these additions count. If possible you should have a few different shapes of shoe in your closet to choose from. Consider how a pointed toe shoe will change the line of your leg in comparison to a rounded toe. Now consider how your leg will then look in the skirt. Take some time in front of the mirror to see for yourself how different shapes pair with one another. Guides online about what to pair with what CAN be helpful, but to really understand, you need to see it for yourself, on yourself. A good rule of thumb for layering is wearing 3 pieces of clothing on your body and then at least 3 accessories (shoes and bag DO count toward your 3). So instead of a blouse and skirt, you now have a blazer, statement necklace, pointed heels and a tote. A full outfit. Keep the concept of outfits in mind while you’re shopping.

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