Motherboards – All You Must Know

Motherboard is the main circuit board inside your computer. The motherboard consists of all the controls that run the peripheral devices of the computer including the computer monitor, keyboard and hard drive. Along with these controls the motherboard also contains the connectors for attaching additional peripherals or expansion slots for your computer. In short, the motherboard is like a communication platform that allows the various devices and peripherals attached to the computer to talk to each other and work in sync innotechreviews.

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Types of motherboards

Since the motherboard works in sync with the CPU of the computer, the type of motherboard your computer can have is directly related to the type of CPU in your machine. For instance the Socket 478 motherboard goes good with Intel P 4 and the Celeron series CPUs and Socket 939 is used for the AMD64 range of processors. So if you are building or upgrading a computer you will need to pick a motherboard that will support the type of CPU you plan to have or already have. You can also pick up a motherboard & CPU combo, which not only will assure you of the compatibility but will be cheaper than buying the two separately. And consecutively you will have to match all the components of your computer to your motherboard. For instance, if you are looking at upgrading the memory, not anything available would do. You will have to check if the type and size of memory you wish to buy is supported by the motherboard.

Your computer is as good as your Motherboard. The memory can be upgraded, peripherals can be added and your computer can be made more advanced if only your motherboard allows. Thus even if you do not require high tech features in your computer instantly and wish to opt for basics to save cost, opting for a advanced motherboard can be a wise move for you can then keep upgrading your computer as and when.

Readymade v/s assembled

Buying a branded computer or having one assembled is totally a personal choice. With the wide variety in readymade products and the easy availability of components, both the options are perfect for ones specific needs. So while in a readymade computer you can be assured of the service, an assembled device will make it up in the economies it will offer.

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