How to Navigate Car Rentals at JFK Airport

Trying to find a car rental at JKF Airport can be difficult but the following article explains some tips and tricks on finding the right rental car at the right price.

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Standing on the corner in the pouring rain, trying to flag down a driver isn’t fun in any city. Taxi drivers do not always have excellent personal hygiene habits, and they frequently drive in an aggressive and erratic manner. Furthermore, for travelers who are arriving from countries where foreign languages are spoken, communication with taxi drivers could be difficult, or even impossible. It comes as a surprise to many that taxis in New York are not cheap. For example, a ride from JFK airport to Central Park would cost roughly $45. From a rational viewpoint, it makes more sense to rent a car from the car rental companies at JFK airport than to deal with the hassle of taxis lamborghini rental miami.

Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, and National all operate at JFK airport. Not only is renting a car more convenient to travelers, it can actually be cheaper to rent a car for intercity travel. Some rental car companies that operate at JFK airport have surprisingly low rates, that start around $79 per day.

In each terminal of JFK airport, there is an arrivals level. Rental car counters are frequently placed at these arrival levels, near the baggage carousels. On the rare occasion that there is no rental car counter, there are courtesy phones that enable travelers in need of a rental car to get in touch with an employee of a car rental company. To get to the cars themselves, all you have to do is take Airtran, a people mover to the Federal Circle Station.

There is an abundance of free courtesy buses provided by car rental companies at Federal Circle Station that will take you to the car rental company’s lot in a safe and comfortable manner. One thing potential renters should know is that the total sales tax on rental cars in New York City is 8.875%. The rental tax of 8.875% includes a 0.375% tax for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA.

Some more experienced travelers may recommend that in order to avoid some of the hustle and bustle of New York City, car renters should call ahead to their car rental company of choice. An alternative to this would be making reservations to rent a car at JFK airport online. Rental companies at JFK Airport do a great job of maintaining their fleet of rental cars so that you can see all that New York has to offer in style.

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