Erotic Massage That Will Really Turn Her On

Why would you want to spend time giving your partner a sensual, erotic and sexual massage? There are some of the reasons to give a sensual massage to your lover tonight. Massage shows that you love your partner and you can give a loving touch. Touch is a wonderful way to relax your partner. It teaches you how to give pleasure to your partner. It teaches you that an erotic and sexual massage can really turn on your lover.

You can learn all about giving. When receiving it teaches you to surrender. You can find out some erotic hot zones on your lover

Sensual, Erotic and Sexual Massage Tips

I have training in professional erotic massage on men and women. Here sensual massage hong kong are some sexual massage tips that work for me.

The first tip is to bring love energy into your hands. To do this, before the massage, feel when you really loved someone from the past. This could be your current partner or a lover from the past. Really feel this energy in your heart.

Love Energy in Sexual Massage

Now, feel or imagine the love energy coming to your palms and out of your hands. When you touch in learning how to do a sensual massage, Let the love energy come out of your hands and fingers, and flow into your lover.

This sort of love is unconditional. A person receiving unconditional love can often heal deep emotional issues. Sometimes feelings can come up during the massage that needs releasing. Sadness and anger are some emotions I have seen.

Breath in Erotic Massage

The second tip is to deepen your breath when you are giving the massage. Try to breathe from your belly. I also take longer on each breath. What this does is increase your body’s energy level. This energy will come out of your hands. Your hands will actually feel warm.

Presence in Sensual Massage

The next tip is to really bring your awareness into your hands when you are doing any strokes. Try to get out of your head and into your body. Have no addenda. The less you are in your head, the more your lover will feel your energy and love.

You will find that when you are very present in your hands your massage stokes will become slower. This will also have an impact in the quality of touch. The more present you are the more your lover will relax.

To make the energy transfer more pleasurable, really enjoy giving the massage to your partner. Explore your lover’s body and if she is a woman, the smooth skin and curves. Instead of trying to give your partner pleasure, get into your own pleasure. The funny thing is that this will give your lover more pleasure too.

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