10 Ways To Help Your Child Get Ready For Math

Math is a dreaded subject for many children. Whether the concepts are poorly taught, or simply difficult to grasp, students struggle each and every day. Math is an important skill in the real world. Mortgages, groceries, incomes, and budgets barely scratch the surface. Simply stated: math comprehension is essential. Here are 10 ways to prepare you child for the rigors of math.

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Give Child Allowance

If you want your child to begin learning math skills while also learning the value of a dollar, begin an allowance. You could attach a certain monetary value to each chore. If your son or daughter wants more money during a particular week, he/she could simply do more chores. Nothing improves math skills like a little money Cours particuliers Maths.

Favorite Foods as Math Tools

Cakes, pizza, and sandwiches make perfect math tools. If your child will be learning fractions in school, begin with slices of pizza or cake. For example, if the pizza is cut into 8 slices, each piece is 1/8 of the pie. Learning which fractions are larger than others is great with food. Children can always tell who is getting more cake.

Go Grocery Shopping

The grocery store is full of math problems. Add prices with your math student. You could also give her $5 and tell her you need as many cans of soup, or loafs of bread as possible. The check-out isle is another great place to teach your child about math and change.

Open a Child Savings Account

Most children receive money in some way or another. They either have an allowance, or someone sends them a check for their birthday. You can teach your child a valuable math lesson by having him save a certain percentage and open a savings account. Each month your child will receive a statement in the mail that shows deposits, withdrawals, and dividends earned.

Purchase a Favorite Clock or Watch

Getting your child ready for math isn’t only about adding and subtracting. Learning how to read a clock is another skill that proves to be difficult for some children. Go to the store with your child and have him/her pick out a favorite watch or clock. Then, it will be more appealing to read.

Math Fun with Ages and Birthdays

Preparing your child for math should begin at an early age. In fact, most people begin teaching their children math at the age of 1. Parents might not realize it, but when babies learns how old they are, a valuable math concept is born. Age and birthdays can be fun for children to learn. You can start slowly with the ages of Mom and Dad. Then, move to more difficult concepts, like how much older one sibling is than another.

Play Board Games

Board games that use dice, or any sort of counting slowly prepare children for math. They create the ability to quickly count, add, and subtract.

Sing Counting Songs

Singing songs with children proves to be very valuable when it comes to math. Songs and math have something in common: memorization. Songs such as, “99 bottles of pop on the wall”, and “The Ants go Marching” help children with number order and subtraction.

Cooking Using Math

Use recipes to teach the concept of multiplication. If you need to double a recipe, have your child tell you how much of each ingredient is necessary. The best part about this math problem is the food at the end.

Relate Story time to Math

Including math during story time is a useful method. Tell your child to pick out 5 books. When you have finished 2 books, ask him/her how many books are remaining. Using this method, the concept of subtraction is disguised.

There are countless ways to incorporate math into your child’s life. Perhaps that is why math is so important to learn. It is an essential part of life. Use these 10 tips to prepare your youngster for the most beloved subject: math.

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